Chili Cook Off and Baking Contest CANCELLED

Sorry event has been cancelled.

Pictures and article are from 2018. Stay tuned for 2020 event.

Even snow, sleet and freezing rain couldn’t scare away the Our Lady of the Lakes New Evangelization Team! The NET group hosted over 50 parishioners at their annual chili cook off. This year a baking contest was added as well. Nine “chefs” made their famous chili and nine bakers baked their hearts out. The Chili’s included everything from sweet and spicy, to venison chili, Dantes inferno very spicy chili to two white bean chili varieties. The baked goods included carrot cake, two varieties of bread pudding, toffee bars, cherry cobbler, two varieties of brownies, two varieties of Eclairs’s, polkadotted muffins and even gluten-free brownies. The event was once again hosted at the Knights of Columbus hall and cohosted by the KofC‘s. Last year over $1,000 was raised for the White County food pantry. This year after the initial voting $734 was raised for that charity. However, as the event continued peoples hearts were moved to support additional charity and once again $1,000 was raised for the White County Food Pantry! Besides enjoying the chili and baked goods the fellowship and camaraderie was the most enjoyable. Annette Humphrey once again went above and beyond when it came to door prizes and games for the kids. I think everyone that was in attendance went home with something besides a full belly.

The Baker‘s from left to right included Amy Herman, Susan Jordan, Annette Humphrey, Paulette Waymouth, Donya Tirpak, Becky Jackson, Kay Scott, Kendra Meents. The chili cookers from left to right included Donya Tirpak, Stanley Chavez, Robin Winkle, Jim Davis, Patrick Jordan, Becky Jackson, Amy Herman, Nani Labra, and TJ Roth. First place chili went to Patrick Jordan with a white bean chili with lots of veggies and Amy Herman won with her southern living carrot cake with cream cheese icing that was scrumptious. Other winners in the chili cook off were Stanley Chavez second place and third place Donya Tirpak. Other winners in the baking contest included Paulette Waymouth second place and Kendra Meents won third place.

Posted on January 21, 2019