ATTENTION PLEASE HELP:Online giving through the Diocese of Lafayette in Indiana

In order to help Our Lady of the Lakes, Monticello while public Masses are suspended, we’ve enabled a temporary On-line Giving solution for your parishioners.  This has been done via the Diocesan Faith Direct account.

our parishioners will be able to set up recurring Weekly or Recurring Monthly gifts, or they can set up a One-Time Gift.  The funds can be taken through a credit card or directly from a Bank Account.

Each of these gifts to your parish will be tracked separately.  The money will come into the Diocesan Bank Account, then Robin will be able to cut a check or directly wire transfer the funds to your parish Bank Account on a regular basis.

Your parishioners can access your parish’s specific on-line giving page either via the below links, or by clicking on the image attached below.  All three links go to the same web page and are specific to only your parish.

After you enter Faith Direct you will need to setup (enroll) your account. See bottom of screen on Faith Direct and follow questions. Can be one time, weekly, monthly etc. Or use first site from below….

Click Here to Donate to Pour Lady of the lakes, Monticello

Posted on March 23, 2020