Mass will resume Saturday, May 30 and Sunday May 31st

PLEASE READ UPDATED INFO FROM 5/19/2020 (trying to accommodate all with limited seating)!

Masses will resume on Saturday, May 30, 2020: NO DAILY MASSES, NO PRAYER TIME, NO ADORATION

Mass schedule will remain Saturday 4:30pm for those 60 and up; Sunday 8:00am for those whose last name falls in the A-K range; 10:00am for those whose last name falls in the L-Z range and 12:00pm NOON for Hispanic.

Anyone 65 or over, immune suppressed or fearful of contact of COVID-19 is asked to please stay home, Mass Dispensation from the Bishop is in effect till/thru August 2020.

Mask must be worn entering, and while in the Church, until further notice.

Entrance to Mass will be through the Main Entry Doors (Main Street) we must follow the Decree sent down by Bishop Timothy Doherty on May 8, 2020 (You may read this on our facebook or website). Ushers will be available to seat you. We will have limited seating; once we reach capacity, we will have to ask any overage to leave. We are sorry for this but according to Indiana State Gov. Holcomb and Bishop Doherty’s Decree this is what will be in effect until at least mid June. Family Units (mother, father, kids) will sit in a whole pew. Everyone else will be seated 4 to a pew every six feet for distancing; after skipping a pew.

You then will be released one pew at a time to receive Communion which will be the end of Mass.

Communion will be given by Priest at end of Mass. You are free to leave immediately after receiving. No gathering in aisles, Church or parking lot. Please know that we need the Church emptied so cleaning/disinfecting crew can enter to prep for next Mass.

Receiving Communion in the hand is preferred (left hand palm up, right hand palm supporting) after Host is placed in hand use right hand to pickup and place on your tongue; step to the your left side and make the sign of the cross.

There is NO DAILY MASSES; NO PRAYER TIME; NO ADORATION; until further notice.

NO MUSIC, NO CHOIR, NO CANTOR, NO Eucharisitic Minister, NO SERVERS, NO PRECIOUS BLOOD, until further notice.

Any Sacrament information will be forthcoming by Father Rasner.  Thank you, looking forward to seeing you!


Posted on May 13, 2020