If you are unable to cover your assigned hour, please contact your hour captain.

SIGN-UP for 2020 ADORATION was during Masses on Jan. 18-19, 2020. But please feel free to sign up anytime you can. By calling Amy Herman at (574) 583-9011; or email

Eucharistic Adoration in our Parish is a monthly Prayer tradition. Prayerfully consider whether you can make a one-hour commitment each month for Eucharistic Adoration, which takes place from the end of 8am Mass on the Thursday before First Friday and continues through the day and night until just before the beginning of the 8am First Friday Mass. We must have at least two people in church each hour during this 24 hour period so making an hour commitment is important if we wish to continue this important prayer tradition in our Parish.


Any individual that is willing to pray for 1 hour in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.


Attend selected hour; sit in prayer in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. If unable to keep your time commitment, notify the hour captain or contact person to make sure there are at least 2 people in the church at all times.

Attached is the List of Names for Adoration 2020:




Individual desiring a more personal relationship with our Lord in the Eucharist.  A willingness to spend time in prayer for personal intentions, parish, or universal intentions.


Contact Amy Herman to learn more