Altar & Rosary Sodality

Altar and Rosary Sodality

ALTAR AND ROSARY SODALITY All ladies of the parish are members of Altar and Rosary.

Board Meetings are held the first Monday of the month in the back room of the Parish Office at 6:15pm sharp. Broken down into smaller groups called Circles, which also meet monthly. The ladies of Our Lady of the Lakes Altar and Rosary Sodality are committed to many services that uplift our Church, community, and world. Our Altar and Rosary members serve funeral dinners to the bereaved families of our parish. Funeral dinners are requested through the parish office as part of the official arrangements of the funeral home. Parishioners are often relied upon to donate side dishes. Please consider becoming a member of this invaluable ministry. For more information, please contact President Donya Tirpak at 574-870-1899

Vice President Susan Jordan at 574-870-4466

Treasurer Kathy Waikel at 765-404-7442

Secretary Connie Neininger at 574-870-0928

Prayer Chairwoman Annette Humphrey at 574-870-4910 and Funeral Dinner Chair women Lynn Deno 574-297-4478 or Robin Winkle 574-808-8208

Monthly Meeting

Please join the Altar and Rosary Sodality Board on the first Monday of each month during the following months: Feb/Mar/Apr/May/Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov. ¬†We will meet at 6:15 p.m. for the rosary and meeting in the back room of the Parish Office located in the Parish Hall (Fosselman Hall). All Circles meet in various locations, but usually the same months as listed above (see Events page for Circle’s and meetings).

What does the Altar and Rosary Society do?

  • Pray the rosary

  • Funeral Dinners

  • Purchase Altar flowers

  • Give to Birth Right of Delphi and Monticello

  • Pay for Christmas gifts for priests, deacons, and maintenance

  • Attend monthly meetings with the Board or individual Circles

  • Raise funds with tamale sales; through Kroger Foods percent of your sales donated (see on how to sign yourself up through your Kroger card) Also, cards with directions available on the table in the Main Entry of Churc. etc.

  • Pay yearly dues of $2.00

  • Rotation of Circle members to clean altar on Saturday mornings

  • Each member of the Rosary Sodality recites one decade of the rosary privately, but in solidarity, so the full rosary is prayed daily. Members also lead the congregation in praying the rosary before Daily, Saturday Vigil and Sunday’s Masses.



Contact Bette Davis to learn more