Ministry Schedules


Apr. 6/7

4:30 pm B. Dean

9:00 am S. Jordan

Apr 13/14 & 20/21

4:30 pm M. Mannion

9:00 am G. Oilar

Apr. 27/28 & May 4/5

4:30 pm J. Shellcrosslee

9:00 am B. Kramer

May  11/12 & 18/19

4:30pm W. DeLion

9:00am D. Tirpak

May 25/26 Memorial Day Weekend

4:30pm C. Harmon

8:00am G. Vogel

10:00am L. Deno

Extraordinary Ministers:

Apr. 6/7

4:30 pm E. Cloud; N. Downey ?

9:00 am M. Diener; M. Griffin; L. Deno

Apr. 13/14 & 20/21

4:30 pm E. Hewitt; J O’Neil; Fr. Buckles      The 20th only we will need 1 EM

9:00 am L. Deno; J. VanDeman; Fr. Buckles   The 21st we will need L. Harmon

Apr. 27/28 and May 4/5

4:30 pm E. Cloud; C. Harmon; Fr. Buckles   The 4th we will have N. Downey

9:00 am K. Kramer; J. Massura; Fr. Buckles The 5th we will have D. McCormick

May 11/12 and 18/19

4:30pm E. Hewitt; J. O’Neil; Fr. Buckles and the 18th E. Dean

9:00 am M. Griffin; L. Deno; Fr Buckles and the 19th D. McCormick

May 25/26 Memorial Day Weekend

4:30pm M. Mannion; E. Cloud; Fr. Buckles

8:00am G. Oilar; J. VanDeman; Fr. Buckles

10:00am L. Harmon; M. Diener; Fr. Buckles

Volunteer may or may not be needed if Fr. Buckles is not here.

Kathy Diener will be doing the ministry scheduling so please direct any questions to her. She can be reached at or 574-583-6790.


Apr. 8 K. Kennedy

Apr. 15 K. Wysong

Apr. 23 P. Waymouth

Apr. 29 S. Jordan

May 6 K. Kennedy

May 13 K. Wysong

May 20 S. Jordan

May 28 P. Waymouth