Scam Alert! Please be aware of someone posing as Father Rasner asking for money. Priests do not call parishioners asking for money! If you are contacted please get all information and call the police. This is very disturbing!!


UPDATE 8/5/2019 Now texting parishioner to get in touch he needs a favor. Number text received from is 5742229681. THIS IS NOT FR. RASNER at all. Please delete do not answer.

Hi all!


I just got off the phone with Father Rasner who wanted to get this message to as many parishioners as possible as soon as possible. There is a scam going around that has someone posing as Father Rasner. A parishioner informed Father that he got a text supposedly from Father Rasner asking the parishioner to donate money for some charitable cause (such as a parishioner in great need). Needless to say, this was not sent by Fr. Rasner. Anyone who knows Father knows he NEVER asks for money!


It was interesting to note that I too got a text yesterday but mine was from “Fr. Patrick” asking me to text him back to discuss something important. I had earlier heard about a scam like this going through St. Alphonsus Church in Zionsville so already knew of such a scam. I did not reply to “Fr. Patrick” but deleted the text.


Father R. is asking that we let as many parishioners as possible know about this before someone is taken advantage of.  Please forward my message to anyone you know who might get such a scam message.


Isn’t it pathetic that we have to worry about such terrible ways of stealing!