Uniting In Heart Deanery Meeting

On June 25, 26 and 27, the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana will be sharing the Diocesan Uniting in Heart 2030 Pastoral Plan. There will be one presentation in each Deanery; please note the schedule below. This plan took many factors and data analyses of our diocese into consideration, and will make a once in a lifetime impact to our diocese. Your attendance at your deanery meeting is crucial to the future of our diocese.

Behold, I make all things new. – Rev2 1:5

Logansport Deanery Meeting will be June 26, 2019 at All Saints Parish, Logansport, IN at 2PM.

This meeting is open to Pastors, Asst. Pastors, Administrators and Parishioners interested in

Uniting in Heart…

As years pass, the story of the Church in the Diocese of Lafayette will unfold. In order for the Church to continue to thrive, it must return again and again to the founding story of Christ, which will correct how we live and pray. By sharing our hope in Christ and trusting in his power to unite and heal, Christianity will endure through the end of time. It is our mission and our duty to keep the light of Christ aflame. Let us now go forth, with the help of this plan, to both carry and pass that light on to future generations.

Bishop Timothy L. Doherty
Given the 5th day of July in the year 2015